Friday, February 13, 2009

Daily Outfit...

(Dress: My grandmother's, Vest: My mom's, Cami: Aeropostale, Leggings: Target, Ankle Boots: Kohls )
I live in Maryland, so it was pretty cold today, like 40 something.... and really windy!
I actually wore a red faux fur lined hoodie from Kohls also, but it didn't match so I didn't show it in my pics.... It is way to cold for Febuary!
Also I have to walk to the end of my driveway to wait for the bus and it's a really long walk! It's like half a mile or a quarter of a mile or something like that, but it sucks...
I guess I could think of it as a runway, a REALLY, REALLY long one.
Oh, and here's a fun fact ya know how it snows in the North? And ices? Well I found out this winter that heels + ice= disaster....
Okay well, you kids be safe and bundle up now!
~Que (pronounced like the letter Q)

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