Friday, February 20, 2009

My Daily Outfit x2!

Nothing better than an awesome poncho! And clutch!!! (Poncho: My Mom's, Jeans: Kohl's, Shoes: IDK, Shirts: IDK, Clutch: My Mom's, Necklace: Ashley Cooper- Boscov's)

(Jeans: Kohl's, Belt: IDK, Necklace: Ashley Cooper- Boscov's, Hoodie: Kohl's, Shirts: IDK)

I really love these outfits their both really unique and awesome in their own way. I worn the first to church, then around downtown Frederick, MD. The bag was from the cute little shop that sold bags, candles, baby food toys, head bands, and belts. It was really small, but sooo cute! They had little wooden sushi food items for children, and a really cute mini kitchen. I used to love mine...(I still have it here somewhere...). Oh, I also went to a coffee shop: Beans and Bagels, it was like a diner except more cramped but in a good way... I had a giant chocolate chip muffin and peanut butter sesame seed bagel with a white chocolate coffe thing... I don't remember, but from where I was sitting I could see the cutest little shop in the alley. Called Shanalah or something like that... but it was a bead shop they had really cool beads too! I wish I had my camera!

The second I wore to school, LOTS of compliments, I even named all the colors on that necklace:
1) *Lunesta Moth*(Remember that commercial about sleeping?) Actually Luna Moth Green
2) Lima Bean Green (Remember that book where the girl turns all different colors and the cure was to eat lima beans...?)
3)Spring Green (It snowed that day too...:( )
4) Avacado Green (I don't like avacados...)
5) Garden Hose Green (We have to buy new ones, because ours froze and broke when I was trying to turn my back patio into an ice skating rink...haha... it kinda worked ;P)
~Okay Que Out~

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